Cannibalising a Tdub for a kickstart...
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Thread: Cannibalising a Tdub for a kickstart...

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    Cannibalising a Tdub for a kickstart...

    Hi Guys,

    I have read the sticky on the kick-start, and whilst helpful, it doesn't answer my question, (or enough to warrant me spending my money)
    A TW is being stripped for spares at an iffy dealer/breakers yard nearby, and in the photo it has a kicker.

    So, looking at the below parts fische:

    Can someone tell me exactly which of the parts I will need to cannibalise from the one being stripped?
    IE What do I have in my kicker-less bike, and what do I physically require.

    I cannot overstate just how iffy this shop is, so I want to give them clear instructions, and be sure I get everything out that is required and not leave it up to them.
    Thanks so much in advance.
    Finally picked up a Tdub...

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    Look up on this site , "kick starter install" or something like that . It will show the right case off of the bike and show it's innards , and I believe it also show's the "kit" bought from Bay area Yamaha ( OEM from Japan...$200 shipped).

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    Unless you happen to have a completely trashed engine at your disposal I think it is a wasted effort to do such a swap. For right around $200 you can buy all the necessary parts new. Removing all these parts from a trashed pre 2001 motor and installing them back in a post 2001 motor is double the work. I like the process of opening both old and new motors and doing the swap but not sure I would trust a stripper to send me all that I might need.

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    How much are they charging you ? If it isn't real cheap, don't bother.
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    Here is what needs to be harvested from the donor engine.

    -The kickstarter arm and boss (this is the splined part that allows the arm to swivel)

    The side cover will need to be removed now.

    -Pull out the kickstarter gear assembly. This will have a splined shaft, a gear and a spring on each side if the gear. It will pull straight out in one assembled piece.

    The entire clutch will now need to be removed.

    -Remove the spring clip from the idler gear. You will need the spring clip, the idler gear and the two washers (one on each side of the gear).

    That will do it.

    When you go to install the kicker onto your bike, you will need a new side cover gasket, a new kickstarter shaft seal and probably a locking washer for the clutch (however you may be able to reuse the one from your bike if your clutch has never been removed).

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