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Thread: Air Filter question

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    Air Filter question

    Son's Tw has 2500 miles on it. 2000 model. Had it for almost a year. It had 1500 miles in it when we bought it. First thing I did was change the oil and check the filter/screen. He's away in the Marine Corps now so I've been riding it once in a while to keep it in shape. Bike would always start easy and barely needed any choke. It's only been getting about 50 miles before you have to hit reserve.

    Battery ended up getting too weak to start engine so I started kicking her over. Would always start first or second kick. Last time it was ridden about 13 miles 2 weeks ago. I tried to start it the other day and it wouldn't fire. Tried for a while before giving up.

    Decided to check the air filter. Found the foam element deteriorated and missing a bunch of foam. Figure it must have gotten sucked into the engine. Took off carb, airbox to clean and inspect. I probably should have checked it before now.

    Anyone find their foam element deteriorated like this? Did it cause any engine damage or issues?

    If the battery got too weak could that be why it wouldn't start? No idea how long the filter has been like this.

    Should I be worried? Gonna get a new foam element, oil it and check the carb. Anyone know where to buy a replacement allen head screw set for a TK carb to replace the phillips screws? I bought a kit for my Bonneville carbs and they're nice to have. Bowl screws and Top vacuum slide cover screws.


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    We have no idea how much dirt the engine sucked in while part of the filter was missing. Maybe it has been that way a long time. I have never seen a deteriorated filter, just dirty ones.

    My experience has been that a bike will normally be less quick to start when it has a dead battery. I think a new battery will make it kick start better.

    A big hardware store will have metric screws with allen heads.

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    Yep they can disintegrate and they can have help to.
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    Air filter possibly has been repeatably washed in gasoline or other hot solvent incompatible with modern foam filter construction, thus the observed deterioration over time, filter is old irregardless of milage.
    Many carb, starting and running related issues due to old gas left in tank w/o a fuel stabilizer or cleaner being run through system like SeaFoam.
    While not really Phillips screws, my JIS screws were replaced by metric allen equivalent allen head screws sourced from Home Depot. Wishing for more ease of removal while carb on bike I ultimately replaced allen headed screws with hex-headed equivalants to which I cut cross groves thus making fastener turnable by 7mm wrench or socket or Phillips , or blade, or JIS screwdriver.
    The bike's oem toolkit should contain one JIS screwdriver to remove those factory screws. Many members prefer to keep oem screws and simply purchase proper JIS tool(s).
    I would recommend search for threads on carb issues here and check your carb for compliance prior to reassembly. If already back on bike and still troublesome I would add double dose of Seafoam; kick start and ride for a bit to let Seafoam work cleaning jets, passageways.

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    You could try getting the new K&N filter that they make now which is a direct replacement for the stock one. Its a bit more, but worthwhile as its the last one you'll buy and easy to clean each time you change your oil or sooner.

    As for the engine, Id get a new battery. Run a can of SeaFoam in the tank and spray some into the carb (3/4 mixed in with the gas, 1/4 sprayed into the carb with a spray bottle or get the aerosol SeaFoam and spray until it stalls out).

    See how it runs after all of that and go from there. It my be that some of that filter element has gotten into your carb and the carb needs to be thoroughly cleaned out. Best of luck .
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    I see that k&nmakes a direct drop in air filter for these bikes. Kind of pricey but maybe nicer than just a piece of foam. Anyone running one? Noticed any difference in performance?
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    Took the carb apart today and cleaned. Found a few tiny bits of the disintegrated foam air filter. Just as I thought carb has been rejetted so nothing to do there. Bike has always run strong and started and idled well. Gas was clean in carb and no signs of gunk.

    Have the battery on a charger I have that has a desulfation mode. gonna let it sit on that overnight. Maybe it will come back. If not, new battery.

    Thinking about ordering a k-n.

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