2006 and 1992 problems
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    2006 and 1992 problems

    Recently just bought a 2006 and 1992 TW200.The 2006 looked in mint shape but after 2 days riding had to fix the intake valve adjustment screw locknut fell off. I was out at a farm with no internet or information so I set the intake at .008" of a inch,I think now it should be around .003 after reading some posts. The 1992 starts very hard and have to choke it alot and half choke for about 10 minutes of running,do i just need to clean the carb or install a shim kit and jet also from what i heard,also the battery is very weak and almost dead,would the battery affect the voltage from the coil to the spark plug that is needed for a better spark for startup,my third issue with the 92 is the handlebars are slightly off to the right when driving,what is the fix for this?any info for the newbie is appreciated so I can prepare before I go out of town to where the bikes are.Thanks

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    I would definitely adjust the valves to the correct specs. Use of the Choke (fuel enricher) is pretty common on these bikes but if it takes a really long time to warm up I would go through the carb. If the bike sat a while, It is likely that the carb needs cleaned. I personally would hold off on changing anything on the carb too much until it has been cleaned and run a bit. I would also check the intake boot for any cracks and make sure it is sealing well.

    A weak battery shouldn't affect the spark, some people even run their TW without a battery.

    It sounds to me like your handlebars may be bent. I would look them over to make sure. You can either bend them back somehow, replace them, or carefully choreograph a crash on the other side to make them match.

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