Warp Speed Idle
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Thread: Warp Speed Idle

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    Warp Speed Idle

    My 87 was very cold blooded and had limited top end. Against all advice and better judgement, I adjusted several parameters on my 87 carb at once:
    1. Pilot jet from 40 to 42.
    2. Main jet from stock to 107.5 (ProCycle kit--different numbering). Assumed it might be appropriate to stay lean for my riding area, 5000-1000 ft in CO. There was an odd plastic washer on the stock jet that would not fit the new jet--left it out.
    3. Pilot screw was 4-1/2 turns out. Turned in to about 3.
    4. One shim on the needle.

    Ran like a banshee for a short test ride. As it warmed up, it was slow to return to idle and finally just stuck at a very high idle,regardless of throttle position. Also, the slide feels stuck as I have to twist the throttle closed.

    The obvious solution is to change everything back to the original jets, etc. I'm hoping that I can possibly save some of tonight's work (avoid pulling the bowl back off) and that these symptoms will point to one issue. I suspect I botched the needle shim. Planning to dig back in tomorrow night, but thought I'd ask some of the experts here first. Any comments? Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like your throttle return is the problem. Get it working properly and you may not need to go back into the carb.

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    Leave it like it is, and you can "boldly go where no one has gone before".

    I second Joe's advice.
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    I'd surely need Spock to tell me I'm being illogical and Bones to patch me up if I hit the singletrack that fast!

    Thanks for the replies. I actually found that the slide was binding up on the plastic idle screw on the side of the housing. The next fun step will be to remove that stripped out, mangled screw. Previous owner must have used a hammer and flat bar to adjust idle.
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