Clutch replacement
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    Clutch replacement

    Inasmuch as I love dealing with ProCycle...they no longer carry the COMPLETE clutch kit for our TW...springs must be purchased separately.
    So, I'm looking around to find a complete clutch kit with springs etc...and I've found a few on Amazon. EBC Brakes DRC231 Dirt Racer Clutch: Automotive

    Both of these say they will fit the why two different models? Is one "better" than the other? Which would you get?

    Does anyone else have another source for clutch kits?

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    They don't give you a lot of info, but the cheaper one looks to weigh more than the other one (heavier duty?). It also states on one that it is stock springs, the other probably is too. Heavy duty ones would be better. Also if you run synthetic oil or plan to in the future, it might be wise to inquire about that before buying. Wonder if Barnett makes one for TW's? They make good stuff.
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    Last week I put in new heavy duty EBC friction plates and heavy duty Vesrah springs in my TW and the improvement is awesome!. I paid $34 with free shipping for the plates and $12 for the springs. Just make sure you have a new right side cover gasket and if you have a kickstart bike you might want to get a new kickstart seal while you have it off. I bought the cheapest I could find and they work great. If you haven't done this job before it is fairly easy, getting the clutch adjusted correctly inside the clutch basket is a little tricky. Make sure you loosen your clutch cables a little bit before you start adjusting. Once the engine part of the clutch adjustment is done then you can fine tune the two cable adjustments. Here is a picture of the clutch basket adjustment on my bike I have it about a half inch from being tight against the clutch basket.image.jpg

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