How High can the water go?
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Thread: How High can the water go?

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    How High can the water go?

    0608-143529.jpgSo I was trail riding and I thought... Hey theres a pond! I ride to the pond and see an island of dirt. I get off and walk to the island and the water level seems fine! I ride onto the island and everthings fine. I take a Selfie and then I ride off the island on the back side.... Well I fell off the shelf. I almost Dropped Misty in the water. (Misty is my bikes name... ya I'm weird) Well I fall off sideways but I keep the bike right side up. The engine shuts off But I keep it up right. Water so high on it that the back tire is submerged. Water is over the Head of the engine and I cant see the carberator. I quickly React Start the engine up (And it did!) And Run it WFO to help me get back onto the sand shelf. I keep it alive and put in it neutral and put the kick stand down. I let it idel for 8 minutes and no problems. I ride it along my trails for 3 hours and I ride it home. There were no problems. at all.

    Now Could there be problems I might not know about yet?

    Also How High Can water go before its an issue?
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    Air intake is just below the seat. Water reaches that, you're done for certain. Attempting to restart an engine that has drawn water into the combustion chamber can result in bent rods and other nasty stuff. Say your thanks before going to bed tonight :-)
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    yea- same as ^, if it started right up you're probably fine. I'd clean out the air filter though, it might show how high the water got.

    Was the rear tire fully submerged? The carb is about at the same level as the airbox so i'm pretty surprised.

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    Have a look at this:

    There is a vent line for your carb that can cause your engine to stall if it gets submerged (or so I read). I have done the mod, just to be safe.

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    Good idea to unscrew the side of your airbox and drain it right after you get out of deep water that kills your bike. Sometimes water can slosh around inside without killing your bike but then after a hard hit or spill the water can slosh up and get in the carb. Not likely but its possible.

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