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Thread: Thank You Admiral

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    Thank You Admiral

    In another example of one member helping another and thus making the world a better place I present the following useful tip courtesy of Admiral: After last Rubicon Ride my left foot peg was bent back 45 degrees. Heat, hammering, disassembly, cussing all were ineffective. Posting my predicament Admiral suggested the pry-back method which worked very well. I put 5 ft Johnson bar between footpeg bracket and bottom of frame tubes and levered peg back into shape. Of course I re-damaged it late last night on moonlight trail ride with another rock encounter, but just finished re-bending bracket again.
    Thanks Admiral!
    Sorry for upside down pics, can't figure out why.
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    Thank you Admiral, and Fred. I have the same issue with one of my pegs after I whacked a boulder on the Russ Rally NE ride. I'll try this method. Thanks, Dave

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    Guess we'll have a few more people "heading to the bar", so to speak!
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    Done, Gary L did it for me. Thanks for the Idea. Rubber side down, Dave
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    I will second that emotion and give Admiral credit for inventing Leverage!

    Keep in mind these techniques either work or they don't. Sometimes I end up with mostly straight and sometimes I end up with two pieces that are completely useless. Can't blame a guy for trying and what I said to Bucknutz before I put my big bar on it, if it brakes don't look at me!

    A good trick member Gregor just taught me about aluminum levers that get bent. Heat aluminum to the point where a piece of wood will leave a charcoal line on it when dragged over it. Aluminum does not like to bend unless it has been annealed! Heat it, quench it quick and bend it. Heat it again after bending and allow it to cool slow. Gregor is our resident metallurgist, blacksmith and machinist. I can usually fix stuff so it works but Greg is the one I call on when I need it done right.

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