help my baffle fell out
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    hey my names matt im a bran new forum user i just bought a 03 t-dub and i went out today on a snowy day adventure ride on some rail road tracks by my house in upstate ny. so anyways the ride went good and the bike sounded awesome. so i monster ruck my way through my unplowed driveway hop off and realize the end cap and baffle are hanging out of the exhaust. its only one bolt to get her back on there, but i was wondering if you can just run the bike with out it.

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    besides being very loud the fuel mixture is probably way off now. you can try adjusting the carb but would probably need to rejet it to get it right. also you probably losing bottom end torque with such a free flowing exhaust. your top end should be good though.

    hope this helps shawn
    not a TW owner but i play one on this forum.

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    thanks man im gona just bolt the sucker back on. it sounds burly without it but i can definitely feel that loss of bottom end in this deep snow. thanks man

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