Large mileage - what bits will need changing.
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    Hi all, need a bit of advice. Almost finished prepping the tw225 for a bit of a trip, now in the process of ordering some consumables.

    First leg of the trip I expect will be around 24,000 miles. Ignoring a possible need for major repair parts, am I going to be OK working on the following mileage intervals?

    Bike is having a full service before I set off, all the below will be brand new at the start of the trip, I'm running stock bridgestone rear knobblies and Pirelli Mt21 or Bridgestone tw302 fronts.

    Tyres every 8000 miles

    Tubes as and when needed

    WheelBearings every 8000 miles

    Pads every 8000 miles

    Oil every 1000 miles

    Oil Filters every 2000 miles (cleaned at every 1000)

    Air filter regularly cleaned (and replaced every 8000 miles)

    Sprockets/Chain every 8000 miles (will be running X-ring/O-ring chain).

    Cables/Headstock bearings/swingarm bearings - Halfway point

    Of course general maintenance will be kept up, valves/clearances - grease etc

    Do those seem OK? My Big problem is most of the parts won't be possible to buy on route so they will be posted to friends in countries at around the 8000 mile marks. I can carry some basics with me but not alot.

    Riding will be 50/50 on and off road I'd hope. I know alot of this depends on riding style/terrain but I'm just trying to get an idea.

    Any thoughts/advice?

    Not too worried about bearings/pads etc as I can carry some spares - mainly the chain/tyres that are going to be difficult/expensive to get hold of.

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    I must have missed something. Where, exactly, are you headed?

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    Wow that sounds like quiete the endevor. What is this trip you're taking? Sounds like those long way round/down trips those guys Ewan and charley took.
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    It's a bit of a "make it up as we go along" trip, but certainly from the UK down to Portugal, Morocco, Africa, Italy, Alps, Balkans, Eastern Europe - Then stop for the winter, see how money/bike etc are and then eastwards/upwards hopefully.

    I leave in April, and meet up with some others at various points but itll be largely solo.

    I don't quite have the budget for a Ewen/Charlie support team/4x4s - , just a hammock and everything thatll fit on the back of the TW.

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    Pack something with which you can maintain a blog, so we all can read about your adventure. Pics are a must.

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    that is quite a trip =)
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    I don't think you will get 8000 miles out of a knobby front tire.

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    It seems a bit too much to change the oil every 1000 miles. I am sure you can get 2000 even 3000 out of good quality oil.

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    Holy cow that's a huge trip - exciting to hear you're taking a T-dub and not a GS or something! Good luck and keep us updated on this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    I don't think you will get 8000 miles out of a knobby front tire.

    - I was hoping the tw302 would manage that sort of mileage - it's a fairly large/heavy tread - not as knobbly as the mt21s etc. The front is not such an issue as the size is a bit more common and I should be able to pick one up in most of Europe - the rears are difficult to find in knobbly tread over here, even worse in North Africa/Eastern europe.

    On that note - what's a sensible psi to be running in the stock rear/tw302 front with getting lots of miles out of them as a priority.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boret View Post
    It seems a bit too much to change the oil every 1000 miles. I am sure you can get 2000 even 3000 out of good quality oil.

    I figure I'm expecting this little bike to do 25,000+ miles through desert/dirt/mountains etc - least I can do is give it a drink every so often. It'll depend where/what oil I can get but at under $10 per litre it's one of the cheaper things to keep on top of.

    I'm in the process of setting up a little blog

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