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    Read carburator cleaning by (jbla) Lazy mans TK carb. Checking into the cleaning of carb, checking spark plug. But 1st, I leave work, 4 mile trip. Get to store, engine off. Come back to try and start up. It will not. It is as if the carb is hot and has vaporized the gas or the float is stuck in a position. Tap bowl and play with the choke, 1/2 position. Finally I can get it lit. So much for side trips on the way home.

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    If the p[roblem recurs it is time for a real carb disassembly and inspection, if you had no trouble, then monkeyed with it, then had trouble. Directions are in the shop manual. Allow several hours if a beginner and just do one step at a time. Might want to allow a couple days, and have a small pair of Vice-rips handy to get the float bowl screws off. Give yourself time to find replacement stainless allen heads for the float bowl.

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