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    Red face High altitude

    I live about 400ft above sea level and will be hunting and riding at 5 to 7 thousand ft. I saw other hunters with bikes adjusting the carb. Will I have to and can I hurt the bike?

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    I live at 75' and took my bike to Moab which is up there and had no problems with the stock set up. Some others might chime in here with the altitude at Moab. It is high desert though.

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    Welcome and where you from? Always helps when seeking quality answers to give us some basics like model year, location , and any modifications related to issue at hand.
    If you have stock settings then 5,000 to 7,000 should not be a problem as the TW comes from the factory set fairly lean for emissions and mileage concerns. Certainly this is true for California models.
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    My TW is stock. We rode through Mancos, CO a few days ago on the highway and the loss of power was obvious at 7,000 ft...I couldn't keep up with 50-60 mph traffic.
    At slower speeds, we've ridden La Sal pass in Moab, over 10,100 feet, and I did not find the power loss as objectionable. In other words, your results may vary depending on the riding you'll be doing. PS: Rhode Island's highest point is 812 feet...not an issue here.

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    I have no problem riding at 5000-7000 hunting or not. All stock except for my 52 tooth rear sprocket.
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