Tw125 not starting
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    Tw125 not starting

    Hi everyone, I have a spare bike that I'm trying to get running.
    I got it as a non runner and have just started working on it after it sitting for 2 years in the elements.
    I've cleaned the carb, changed the plug, put fresh fuel in it etc and it wont fire up. It gets a good spark and has excellent compression and it is getting fuel.
    Does anyone have any more ideas for me to get it going? I did take off the cam chain cover and it looks like the chain is slack, I'm just hoping it isn't anything major.

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    Have you checked to see if the timing (cam chain) is properly set?

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    If you have a spark, but the engine doesn't start, than you should have a wet spark plug.
    If not, than you'll have a fuel/carb problem.
    Is it a DE01 or DE05?

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