Need clarification on pilot screw..
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    Need clarification on pilot screw..

    So when I lived at sea level, I had the standard 2.5 turns from base. While on Yellowstone (6000+ ft) it kind ran with low power issues through the park, even though the ride around west Yellowstone seemed fine. Now in the black hills (4000+ ft), it still has a rough time starting.

    Even with choke all the way out, it seems to struggle and does not 'race' like at did level.

    So at this altitude should I lean it out more by turning the screw in....say 1 turn?

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    Less oxygen at higher elevations requires less fuel be mixed in. So yes turn it in a full turn and test its performance. I am NOT a mechanic so I verified this advice via a carb jetting article

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    You probably are more rich than you need to be for starting. Don't use the choke a much as you think you need. The pilot has little effect on running down the road, only at idle, start and taking off.

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    Nunya, we could help you out better with more info. What carb is it, new or old style? What jets are in it, stock or other?
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