12 volt terminal box
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Thread: 12 volt terminal box

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    12 volt terminal box

    I have added a Battery Tender quick disconnect charger connection to my battery terminals, which pretty much takes up all available space. Now. I want to add a USB charger for my iPhone and cigarette lighter outlet for my TOMTOM plug in, and I am looking for suggestions on where to tap into a good 12 volt source.

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    Why not the Battery tender lead you just installed?
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    Thanks, I never thought of that!

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    Best place to do it is directly from the battery - so as above - simply use the tender lead .............
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    It is possible that adding a USB charger whose transformer is always on may have a parasitic current draw that discharges your battery over time. I unknowingly had this problem but fortunately I had a kick-starter.
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    Yeah, I use my BT lead to power the GPS via a cig lighter socket when it's not being used for charging which I rarely do in the riding season. I tucked it under the right side cover, so I do have to remove that to swap leads, but since it a seasonal thing it's not a problem.

    Fred has a good point....better be sure it doesn't draw when idle, or put a switch in.
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    Go to the electrical department in a hardware store and buy a "buss" as is used in breaker panel box's. These have holes in them and 'set screws' that will compress and hold tight any wires that are inserted into the holes. You will need to connect these to the battery positive/negative terminals. In my opinion, the task is an easy one, even for beginners. With this set-up you can connect a few more wires 'directly' to the battery.

    Do yourself a favor. Should you move in this direction, clearly label where the wire goes. Tracing wires down that are not on a schematic will be a pain in YOUR ass. Gerry
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    Don't forget you really should have a fuse in the positive lead, as close to the battery as possible.
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