I was more of moron today than a mechanic
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Thread: I was more of moron today than a mechanic

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    I was more of moron today than a mechanic

    I feel guilty even posting this in the Technical "Help" forum, but here goes.

    I thought that I would spend a little time reassembling the TW/TTR225 6-speed engine that I have been working on for way too long. The bottom end, tranny, clutch and flywheel are already back together. Today's project was to check the ring end gaps, install and align the rings on the piston and install the piston and cylinder. Simple right?

    Here are the tools and parts ready to get to work.


    Checking the end gaps went fine, as did installing the rings onto the piston. Getting the oil rings and the oil expander ring gaps aligned was a pain in the butt, but that was eventually successfully accomplished. Next steps were to compress the rings with the ring compressor, slide the piston into the cylinder, position the cylinder/piston over the connecting rod, install the wrist pin and circlips, seat the cylinder down onto the base gasket and install the two socket head bolts to secure the cylinder to the crankcase. This sounds a lot easier than it is (at least for me!), but I was able to do it. As I was admiring my work, I happened to see that I had installed the piston backwards! The arrow on the top of the piston that is supposed to be pointing to the exhaust, was pointing towards the intake. Crap!

    I then took it all apart, realigned the ring end gaps and reinstalled everything. Oops, almost everything. When I had pulled the cylinder off, I had also removed the base gasket and set it aside so it wouldn't get damaged, but then I neglected to put it back on. Crap! For the second time, everything came apart again.

    This time, with the base gasket in place, I was installing the final wrist pin circlip and needed just a smidge more clearance. As I was gently pushing the cylinder slightly up, it slipped and came up and off the rings. Crap! For the third time, everything came apart again.

    So, after one step forward and three steps backwards, I decided that I had better hang it up for today and leave this job for another time.

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    been there,
    feeling your frustration
    some days its hard to keep your head in the game.

    Rewired a new 220 outlet 3 times today.
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    Wow you're going to be an expert at taking that thing apart and putting it back together. Maybe try with a blindfold next time. Using chopsticks.
    Greg from Glenville

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    I would have installed the piston on the con rod and then slipped it into the cylinder. I have done it by pushing the rings into the grooves with my finger. Or if that doesn't work, I have used a hose clamp to compress the rings. The hose clamp can then easily be removed, but the easiest, fastest way is just use your finger.

    As for all the other trials and tribulations -- I know the frustration but it is amazing how easy it is when you come back a day or two later and do it again. It practically falls together by itself.

    BTW that sure is a nice looking piston!
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    You are not alone with these mechanical screw ups and at least you saw your mistakes early enough to correct them. Your story brings to mind my experience with changing out brake pads and rotors on new vehicles. I have probably done this job at least once on every vehicle I have ever owned and it is a rather straight forward swap. How come the first side takes four times as long as the other side?

    Good that you realized your brain cramp and I hope you just went in the house and sat down with a beer or cocktail and left it for another day. It could actually be worse and at the end after everything is all back together and the torque wrench gets put away you find a left over part or two. Been there and done that too!

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    Thanks guys, I for one feel comforted in knowing I'm not the only one. Boy Brian, you are one neat/organized fellow. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Mate. Happens to the best of us. At least you realized your error before completing installation.
    At least your following the proper procedure. Lots of folks don't bother checking gaps and the like.
    Slow down and enjoy the process. When it's not fun, why bother?
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    Maybe a flow checklist next time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyTFS View Post
    Maybe a flow checklist next time?
    Yes, maybe.

    I can lay awake and walk through these things time and time again.

    And undobitably, something always rears it's ugly...

    You are not alone Brian ; )

    Way to get those knuckles dir...exercised.
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    reminds me of putting in a new garbage disposal and getting ready to try it..... oops! then realizing i forgot to take out the plastic plug.
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