Front Wheel Removal? (With Drum Brake)
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Thread: Front Wheel Removal? (With Drum Brake)

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    Question Front Wheel Removal? (With Drum Brake)

    On my other bikes, removing the front wheel is pretty easy. Takes maybe two minutes. On this TW, it's more like ten. I'm wondering what the rest of you who have front-drum-brake TW's do when removing the front wheel? Maybe there's an easier way that I'm missing.

    For me, I have to completely disconnect the brake cable from the lever in order to get enough slack to disconnect it from the drum. But to do that, it means removing the right-side handguard first. My 3" riser is probably to blame since it sucks up what's left of the slack in that cable. I'm due to get a new (longer) one but I've run out of budget for the time being.

    I thought about trying to remove the "lever" from the drum, but then getting it back on in the same place would be just about impossible.

    Anything I can do differently?

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    "Anything I can do differently?"

    Nope, that sounds about right.

    "I thought about trying to remove the "lever" from the drum, but then getting it back on in the same place would be just about impossible."

    Before removing the lever from the shaft, take a sharp probe and scribe a mark on the lever/shaft. This will help you reinstall the lever in the same position.

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    Don't remove the lever from the drum - you're right - it's a PITA to get back into position

    Taking the cable clamp off the fork does make things easier, so does releasing the cable.

    Even so - it's a wrestling match - "Zen and the art of wheel removal" - you're not alone ................
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    I had to take my wheel off (twice, 'cause I pinched the tube) when I replaced my front tire, and I only loosened/removed the brake cable from the clamp on the fork tube and got enough length to be able to pull off the wheel, and then the brake drum off from the wheel. I started to take the cable off the handle and also off the drum, but I was able to remove the whole assembly without disconnecting anything. It wasn't that hard to do, especially the second time around. And while I had it apart, I also cleaned up a little bit of rust on the shoes and the drum with some emory cloth. Much smother brakes now and no binding.
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    dang ... thats what i did two... moving a few notches on the spline of the cam lever arm seems impossible!!!

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