Bike stranded me today.
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Thread: Bike stranded me today.

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    Bike stranded me today.

    I went on a 20 mile ride to a buddies house today. About 3 miles from his house I went to stop and the bike died as I was coasting to a stop, and would not restart. I pulled the fuel line off and had gas at the petcock. Pulled the plug and grounded it, spark was barely visible. Buddy came and picked me up in his truck, and we went to town and got a plug and installed it. bike still wouldn't start. Took the bike to his house and tried starting it several times, nothing. Called my wife to come get me took the bike home and it started instantly on the new plug after I unloaded it. Put the old plug back in, and it started fine on it to. Bike is a 2012 with 11,000 miles all put on by me. I have to leave for my sons baseball game and don't have time to mess with it any more tonight. Anybody got any ideas what happened?

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    I have had that happen -- quits then cures itself. Maybe a stuck float the vibrated loose? Vapor lock in the gas line? -- did you pull the line off at the carb to see if gas flowed out there? Was the spark plug wet with gas or dry? If dry, next time try pouring a little gas in the spark plug hole and see if it starts -- if it does it is a lack of fuel problem.

    The spark on a TW is very weak looking. I guess it gets stronger at higher RPM -- but at idle it is barely visible.

    When you figure it out lets us all know. I never did figure mine out but it hasn't given me one iota of a problem in a long long time so I don't think about it.
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    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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