Bike cutting out with accelerator and/or choke
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Thread: Bike cutting out with accelerator and/or choke

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    Unhappy Bike cutting out with accelerator and/or choke

    Hey guys,

    My beloved TeeDub is down and out, and would love some help to get her back up and running! This is the problem:

    She idles fine, but if I try rev it or pull the choke out, the engine dies. Would that be a carburetor problem? It's basically impossible to get her going now in winter

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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    Yes, Carburetor or the fuel system in general. You don't list the year of your bike or the overall condition so it could be the tank has crud in it that has ended up in the carb or the petcock on the tank is gunked up or the carb itself needs a good cleaning and maybe a rebuild.

    You don't say how mechanical you are either so it is hard to direct you from here. Look in the tank with a good flash light to see if there is rust forming. If you use ethanol fuel chances are good there is some phase separation going on in the tank and more so if the fuel remains in there for long periods. Keep in mind the fuel delivery system includes the air filter chamber and mice like to build nests in them. Make sure it is clear. Remove the tank, drain it into a white clean bucket by both the fuel and reserve settings on the petcock. Remove the petcock and check the screens attached to it for clogging. Remove the 2 screws and the petcock handle to see if there is debris clogging it. Remove the carburetor and if you are mechanical then open it up paying very close attention to all the little parts and where they go. If the tank and petcock are all good and clean then you have an internal carb issue. If you are not up to carb rebuilding then just buy a new carb for around $260 and put it on or take the carb to a shop or pal who can do this work. All of this depends upon your abilities and your finances. Paying the shop rate around here is about $75/hour. so if you can't DIY this stuff it can add up pretty quick. Others might just tell you to give the fuel a double dose of SeaFoam or Lucas deep clean and hope for the best that it will clean it up, good luck with that and maybe it will do the job but I think there is more going on than just an additive can fix.

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