87 is all fixed up- im a happy camper
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    My 87 now runs like new, if not better. Always started and idled very well, but there seem to be a mis at half throttle under acceleration.

    to make a long story short I got a keyster carb kit, took off the carb, rebuilt it and bingo. Runs strong and no miss, yehaw.

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    Cool. Sounds like you've got it dialed in.

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    What did you set the clip on the new needle to demarko69? I just installed the Keyster kit and I'm having some real problems. The bike ran fine before the kit but the float needle was shot. I bought the kit and have since also purchased a #40 pilot since the kit comes w/ a #38. It runs on choke but not well and when the choke is removeed there is a backfire through the carb. It also slowly returns to idle when rev'd rather than a quick drop. I thought it may be an air leak so I replaced the intake manifold, didn't help. I am wondering now if it's running rich and needs the needle lowered.
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    Hey demarko69 I just picked up an 87 and I can't even get it to run... did you have any issues with the starter button not working? Whoever owned it before me thought it would be a good idea to weld the hole kickstarter shut :/

    I started a post here if you have any advice or could check out my thread
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