Do Things Loosen Up After A Few Thousand Miles?
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Thread: Do Things Loosen Up After A Few Thousand Miles?

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    Do Things Loosen Up After A Few Thousand Miles?

    So I have about 750 miles on my TW's now. I noticed that they are still quite clunky to shift. Also the engines don't want to rev out cleanLy at higher RPM. I remember my FZ1 transmission did not loosen up for 3000 miles.

    As a sidenote I have noticed that in fifth gear at 45 mph when we go to wide-open throttle my TW with a 128 Main jet pulls away from my wife's TW with a 130 main. Oddly the wife's TW feels faster when riding it by itself however mine is clearly faster in reality.
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    Both bikes new? With different main jets from factory? That would seem odd.
    Often it does take a while for parts to wear together.
    On my last BMW it was 10,000 miles before it stopped using oil.
    Changing oil can help shifting, avoid additives.
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    The 128 may be more efficient at speed (contrary to what you would have thought).

    I’d suggest that 2000 miles was a more realistic comparison between the two machines, by then they’ll have found their own level. Don’t stress yourself out over who did what – the factory tolerances aren’t that perfect – there will be subtle differences in both the machine and the rider …..
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    A full synthetic oil like Mobil 4-T helped with my ease of shifting.
    Maybe Welder is more aerodynamic than his girly curves.
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    I know that I used to loosen up after a few thousand miles.
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    Drain the oil, refill it to the top with laundry detergent. Run it at idle for 10 mins then drain. Shifting should be buddery smooth!
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    Say what?
    Please explain...
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    Quote Originally Posted by will View Post
    drain the oil, refill it to the top with laundry detergent. Run it at idle for 10 mins then drain. Shifting should be buddery smooth!
    wtf? Omg!

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    He's just kidding.
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    will, I hope you use a softener to get the clunks out
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