Oops !
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Thread: Oops !

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    Oops !

    So my son had a slight incident with his TW the other day. He pretty much tore up the whole headlight, speedometer, etc. Does anyone know of a reliable vendor for used or aftermarket parts for the TW? I know I can still get them from Yamaha just wondering if there might be a cheaper option. The speedometer alone is $250.

    Also if anyone knows what the part number is for the bracket that the headlight and number plate mount to it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for help !!!!!

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    Try putting this also in the classifieds, something might turn up.
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    You didn't mention your TW's year, but they all should be the same. Here's a Partzilla link to the fiche with the headlight bracket. The rest of your needed part numbers can be looked up from that site also.
    Yamaha Motorcycle Parts 2001 TW200 - TW200N STEERING Diagram
    Browsing through Fleabay may net you some results as well as far as used parts go.

    Let us know how you get on with finding needed bits!
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    oops is what the captain of the titanic said
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    A picture of the damage might help us here. I have some of the parts you might need as I am sure many others here do. With the little stuff such as brackets and inexpensive parts it is often much cheaper to just but them new from one vendor because the shipping will get you every time you do a single side deal. There are two different speedometers, one with a trip meter and one without depending on the year of your bike. The light box is also a little different depending upon the year. You might want to check the wattage of the headlight bulb too and be sure it fits your model year as I am not sure if after 2001 they got a brighter bulb that could put a strain on the electrical system.

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    Thank you - Partzilla was just what I was looking for!
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