clutch issues
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Thread: clutch issues

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    clutch issues

    Ok this one stumps me. I have a 05 two that has been sitting for 3 years. Just had carb reworked and changed the oil. Runs great now clutch has zero response. Spring is in correct position. Something interesting is that last year when the bike was sitting I noticed a puddle of oil under it. Not sure where it came from. The bike hadn't moved in a while. Bike has 200 miles on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to the forum bro!! Does the clutch appear to be adjusted correctly, with only a little slack left at the clutch lever? How close does the arrow on the bracket line up with the mark on the case?
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    Hi Joshua, welcome to the forum!

    We need a little more information, like what does"zero response" mean"? Sometimes when a bike sits for a long period of time, the clutch plates stick together. Have you tried putting bike in gear yet? Sometimes it take a few times of jamming the shift lever into gear to get things freed up. I had one bike that was stored for 8 or 9 years during which the float valve stuck open and allowed the gas to drain into the crankcase. I never was able to get those clutch plates freed up and ended up having to replace them. If that happened with your bike, it may also help explain the oil leakage.

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    I had a Kawasaki Ninja that had "sticky" clutch plates that would happen after only a few day's sitting. One of the symptoms is that the bike won't roll with the clutch lever pulled in, like it stays in gear, another is that when you go to start it and the clutch lever is pulled in, the bike will lurch forward as if it is in gear. To free it up, squeeze the clutch lever and put the bike in neutral and get on it and roll it forward or in reverse a few inches and that will loosen up the plates. It may take a little effort at first, you are only overcoming the very thin layer (or no) oil between the clutch plates, just sort of gluing them together by the friction generated by their proximity to each other. There is no damage done, just moving them a little to get some more lubrication in there can fix it and then it will all be fine.
    Like others have said, we need a little more info to tell where the oil is coming from. And, like TW-B said, are you sure it's oil, or are you leaking a little gas on the ground from the carb overflow because of a stuck, dirty float needle?

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