Source Coil Wiring to CDI - GY6 CDI Troubles
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    Source Coil Wiring to CDI - GY6 CDI Troubles

    I recently replaced my cdi with an aftermarket GY6 cdi. The only thing is I can't seem to figure where the yellow wire should connect to now that the new CDI only has 6 wires versus the old ones 10 wires.The bike starts and runs but I need to find out what effect having this disconnected is going to have on the bike.There is voltage on it when the bike idles and as you rev it the voltage climbs. Any ideas? I've listed the way I've connected it below.

    GY6 CDI to Yamaha CDI
    Black connected to Black/White
    Blue connected to Green from Pulse Coil
    Green connected to White from Pulse Coil
    Yellow connected to Orange
    Red connected to Red
    Green connected to Brown
    Black connected to ( spliced into brown above)

    Yellow connected to - ????
    Blue connected to ( not connected at all )
    Blue/White connected to (not connected at all)
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    How much voltage does it have on it? I'm thinking your original CDI required a source of low voltage DC. The GY6 CDI does not. I would tape it off so it cannot short circuit.
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