Bleeding Brakes
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Thread: Bleeding Brakes

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    Bleeding Brakes

    Scroll down to the "Take a tip from the dirtbike guys". Has anyone had any experience doing this? This is the first time I have ever seen this technique mentioned. Don't understand it but if it works, great.

    Bleeding Brakes
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    The technique of zip tying the brake lever to the handgrip has worked for me on lots of different bikes.
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    I used to do it when I raced. I do it now after bleeding the brakes, over night a couple of nights in a row. I think it helps squeeze out some of the dissolved gasses in the break fluid and does make the brakes feel much firmer. I don't think you have to do once you've done it for a few days except I suppose more air could dissolve back into the fluid over time.
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    Bleeding Brakes

    I have been doing that for along time. I do t use a zip tie tho, I use a small quickgrip clamp
    One my Ducati the rear brake tends to boil the fluid a little (exhaust too close to the master) and hanging a weight off it every once in a while keeps me from having to bleed it constantly.

    I hand dome the same thing to cars too, I use a big heavy barbell weight leaned against the pedal. Keeps the pedal nice and firm.

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