Running issues.
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Thread: Running issues.

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    Running issues.

    So I have a 1987 TW 200. Brand new CDI, New Air Filter, completely rebuilt and cleaned carb (brand new parts used, properly adjusted valves. Starts real easy and idles problem is when you give it gas it dies, this is unless you choke it about 3/4 then it'll idle up then drive it to the mailbox then push the choke in and ride it all day long. But even if its warmed up you have to go through this procedure. This is not a huge issue for me as I can ride it within a min. But my wife can't seem to figure it out. This issue has been eluding me for about a year.
    I don't have this issue with my other 87 or my 14 or my buddies 95.

    What does this sound like?


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    Try adjusting your air/fuel mixture screw out a little more, if that doesn't fix it, perhaps a larger pilot jet (but probably not). Or...just a tad more warm up time. Meanwhile, a strong dose of Seafoam.
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    My TW takes a couple (or three, even five) mins to warm up - it's normal

    The only way out of that is to take the idle mix screw out to 2 and a half turns as mentioned above - they're well known for it

    "If" your idle screw is already out that far - a dose of sea-foam should help - all good advice from Littletommy .......

    If that lot doesn't work - get back to us and I'm sure we can come up with a few other things to try - but doing those simple first checks will often eliminate the problem, and cost you very little in the process .....
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    +1 What they said...

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    +1 on the strong dose of Seafoam!

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    I am lucky. My '95 fires right up and runs flat out. However, I am sure that 2 and 1/2 turns out on the pilot is the reason. It is a bit rich for my taste ((the plug fowls sometimes after sitting for a while (moisture buildup)), but I can live with that.

    Also. I find that valve clearance and timing must be "Spot On" to totally eliminate back fires.

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    When the engine is warm try spraying WD40 or some light oil all over the carb. I you get a temporary improvement, the pivot points of the carb are worn out. these would be where the throttle pivots or any othe shaft that goes through from the outside to the inside. Choke, throttle etc. If so the easy fix is a new carb.
    What the oil does is temporarily seal up air sucking in through these worn points. This air leans out the carb too much.

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