TUU Value Adjustment?
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Thread: TUU Value Adjustment?

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    TUU Value Adjustment?

    I have a '14 with 2400 miles on it (bought it new). I was wondering if and when I should consider a valve adjustment? I DON'T hear any clicking, which I usually associate with values. Is there a general rule as to how often (miles), a TUU needs a value adjustment? I tend to err on the side... if it ain't broke, don't screw with it. Just want to make sure.


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    After the first 500.. Mine didn't require an adjustment..Then every 5,000..... I find the harder you rev. them the more out they become....OMM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Explorer View Post
    I DON'T hear any clicking, which I usually associate with values. I tend to err on the side... if it ain't broke, don't screw with it. Just want to make sure.


    Explorer, I've adjusted mine a few times now and at least once, maybe twice I had a tight valve! So I would vote to check them sooner rather than later. Just be sure your Tdub is completely cold, as in overnight.

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    Great question explorer; *I have a 14 as well w/ 2000 miles and have adjusted the valves twice, the first time totally by the numbers & marks. Sounded like an old underwood Typewriter. My question , since the exhaust valve is closed for about 270 deg, why is it so important to hit the exact mark, *I mean, is it " more closed " at that exact mark? I think not. I have no desire to do any damage to my engine, but I don't think I need to be so top-dead-anal when my feeler gauge reads the same through most of the closed rotation. Please, if I'm missing something let me know....
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    Hi Explorer: Give it a check, according to the manual sooner than you have, but after the first check(adjustment) you should be ready to ride for a serious bit of time without worrying. Oh, and by the way, how's the exploring going.? I like the fact that you actually ride it regularly. While I have a bit over 3K on mine, and not more given my other bikes, I think you know that you don't have to baby it. Ride it and enjoy and take care in the outback.
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