Horrible noise when starting!
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Thread: Horrible noise when starting!

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    Smile Horrible noise when starting!

    My 09 makes a very loud metal barking sound when cranking over to start. The cranking rpm is low I would estimate 1/3 the speed so it rarely starts (I pop start it which isn't as much fun as it used to be). The sound is very metallic and much louder then it seems on the recording. Bucknutz said battery, tried it with the charger and with jumper cables from car, no improvement. I sometimes hear the sound at shut down for like a micro second. I am the type of guy that would be happier Converting it to kick start but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    I'm new here.


    09 tw about 1800 miles pretty much stock everything 600 miles on it last 12 months averaging 100 miles week now that i actually have a license.
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    Sigh. Your video is broken, but I hope you didn't just change the oil and filter. Far too many victims of the famous Yamaha filter packaging shenanigans. Hopefully it's something else...

    EDIT: Okay, after watching your video - now that it's working - you can obviously completely disregard my previous comment, thankfully.
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    Re uploaded this one works

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    It advises ," the video was removed by the user" ???.

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    Ahhh , that one works. How old is the battery? . Your idle sounds quite high to me. Have you taken the starter out recently ?. Strange you would hear the noise at shut down. Have you adjusted the valves recently?.

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    There is a brass bushing in the starter, opposite of the starter gear end, on the brushes end. Probably needs a little grease. You will have to remove the starter and dis assemble it to get to the bushing. Not a big deal, the brushes can be a pain to get back in right. This is my best guess. Wait and see what other people think.
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    HURRY HURRY HURRY Here's a $50.00 Starter.

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    I wouldn't of thought anything on a TW in that condition with that mileage would be worn out yet. I'm thinking the starter clutch assembly, but it couldn't be worn yet?

    I wonder what the voltage to the starter motor is? Have you tried measuring the volts at the motor when you crank it?
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    Sounds like bad starter for sure.
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    On most TWs the horrible noise stops when you turn the key off.
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