TW200 Cylinder Base Gasket- HELP
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Thread: TW200 Cylinder Base Gasket- HELP

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    TW200 Cylinder Base Gasket- HELP

    First off I have to say that about a month ago I decided to join the revolution! I have owned approximately 40 different m/c and scooters. I decided to buy it and I had never even rode one. From all the love people expressed for the mighty steed I knew I needed to own one just to experience ownership. I bought a 2007 TW200 with 1,600mi on it. Paint is pristine, and I rode it 180mi home. The p/o gave me a giant luggage rack (never mounted), had a small smoked w/s already on it that kinda looks factory, and a car carrying rack that goes in receiver hitch w/ramp to put the m/c on. I think I got a good deal for $2500.

    Now I want to ask if anyone that's live near (maybe 100 or so miles) that lives near Joplin,MO. Who has done a cylinder base gasket that could help me change one and also 15T front sprocket. I will come to you or you can come to my house. I have a lot of tools to do the job if that's an issue. If if I come to you I'll bring all oil, gaskets and sprocket. I have looked at many YouTube videos and believe I could do it myself, but it would be nice to have someone that has done one before. I'm an ex-aircraft mechanic. Plus I could find someone to ride with or network with other riders. I have been looking at all different kinds of bikes before I settled on the TW200. I did a lot of research on ADVRIDER to get opinions.

    So anyhow this is my condensed story. Motorcycles have been like 'heroine' to me and it's a hard habit to kick!

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    Welcome to the forum Scott!! Hopefully someone will come along in your neighborhood. Try looking at the member map.
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    Hello and welcome!

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    Welcome ScooterAddict,

    Hope someone local to you see's this and can help you out locally. Unfortunately, I'm a couple miles outside your range. You don't mention if you read the thread here on the forum, but here's a great link to help you. Being a former aircraft mechanic you'll be just fine. I replaced mine on my first TW and was pretty apprehensive and it turned out just fine.
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    Attachment 21987

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    Job will be a snap, make sure you get the o'rings on the oil gallery lines, part 8 in the top pic and part 4 in the bottom pic. I'd chuck some rings in it while it's apart.

    Welcome to the forum too...
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    Congrats, sounds like you got a deal on a great bike. With only 1600 miles I'm surprised that you need a base gasket. Is there some other reason you are getting in there?
    The motor is dead simple I'm sure that you will have no trouble. The only thing to be careful about, that I can think of, is that you get the timing right. Double check those timing marks. Then rotate the crank a full 720 degrees to make sure Piston valves and marks are in place.
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    This is actually an affliction that is fairly common on the AG200 over here. To the point that Yamaha have an updated base gasket to try and fix it.

    On every AG I have fixed with this problem I have noticed that the 2 case halves don't match up perfectly. If you run your fingernail over the base surface where the two cases meet, it will hang up in one direction. I have also noticed that the leak (in the examples I have seen) always starts in the general area of where the two case halves meet. Therefore I always put a small amount of gasket sealant where the cases join at the front and rear of the base gasket.

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    Used to have the same issues with “Trumpets” over here – apparently they’d cast the cases, then put all the left side cases in one box, all the right side cases in another box, and all the center cases in another box – this meant that trying to get cases to match up was a lost cause …..

    The only cure we ever found was to place each case on a sheet of glass, apply some grinding paste, and “polish” them enough to fit – until then, they would always “mark their spot” when parked ……..
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    AGman, you are correct about where the cases meet. I cleaned the oil infected area (front of engine) with carb cleaner let dry and then took it for a ride. With a LED flashlight you could see it starting to leak at the case splint. I'm glad you mentioned that. I will look closely upon disassembly. With all the heat there, what type of sealant is everyone using?
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    Early AGs NEVER had this problem, it started happening on bikes from about the late 90s and still effects current bikes. I often wonder if it was lax case casting or they stopped grinding and/or matching casings or something. I did notice that the dowel pins that they use to locate the cases were machined in the earlier bikes, while the later ones use a folded tube which was a bit dodgy I thought.

    I use a generic, blue, automotive manifold/gasket sealant. Yamabond or similar would work fine.
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