WTH are these little guys?
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Thread: WTH are these little guys?

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    WTH are these little guys?

    hej all,

    another technical question / quandary...

    after putting my '87 back together i'm, left with these little bushings on my workbench.

    anyone recognize them?

    thanks for the help!


    WTH are these.jpg

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    What part of the bike did you have apart?

    Attachment 22014

    Attachment 22015

    Check 7 & 8 in the top pic and 14,15 in the bottom.

    The marks in the rubber in your pics should help you out on where it came from.
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    Nice pic. I have no idea, but suspect it would help if you said how big??? Best of luck.
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    thanks for the ideas...

    great idea...here's an updated pic with scale attached (had to borrow the $20 from my wife)


    bushings with cash.jpg

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    I just tore my 87' apart and one of the parts that landed on the floor were lil bushings from the rear shock absorber when i took that off. They were mashed but the size seems to fit . Can't tell how thick those are. The square impression on the right one is throwing me off; that and being a newbie to bikes in general. Good luck J2X

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    It's been a long time since I've worked on a TW, but those pieces look like the grommet-thingys that go under the bolt-hole tabs on the rear side of the fuel tank, where it mounts (this is on my DR). Either that or, perhaps, the damper pieces that go on the right and left side of the fuel tank (little round tabs protrude from the frame on each side, and those pieces slide onto the tabs, between the insides of the fuel tank and the frame).
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    Well – just a mad guess …..

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    are those the isolators that hold the california emissions canister to the frame?
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    thanks vanillagorilla!!

    since i'm not re-installing the emissions canister that would explain the extra parts.

    the squared-off impression on the one on the right makes sense now!!

    thanks again all!

    emissions cannister bushings.jpg

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    I had an old mechanic friend who would have declared those to be " Framastats for retaining the hexagonal portometers" but he was a notorious puller of legs and more untrustworthy than a politician. Untill youngdub ( great name!) pointed out the square impression I was thinking parts were inner swing arm grease seals.
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