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    So after dropping a valve I'm trying to rebuild the head. Ordered some parts before I got it completely apart, and learned my lesson. Cause we now have a busted valve guide too.

    So I guess this question is for the guys who've been there. How much of a pain is it to change the valve guides? I don't have any of the "special" tools for this. Just wanting some tips to figure out if I should try or if I should just let the dealership do it.

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    I've had lots of engine building experience and this is one area where you need the special tools. Not so much for getting the guide out, but for putting the new one back in. If you want to try it yourself, heat the head in a oven (200 F). Drop the guide in the freezer for awhile. Then lightly tap it in. Use a plastic or brass hammer. If the guide has a shoulder you can tap it in with a socket over the guide, contacting the shoulder. Just don't tap it on the top with anything hard or its toast. When in doubt, get a machine shop to install. Will always need a valve job, new guide will change the line up of the valve and seat. Just my two cents.
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    Thanks for advice jake.. I was really hoping I could get away with fixing this myself and save a few bucks. I was able to find a shop who will let me use my parts I've already ordered. The local shop won't even touch the bike due to its age, then they would probably want a surcharge for the parts anyway.. So atleast now I'll know thats its been done correctly.

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    +1 on having a mchine shop do it correctly. It shouldn't cost much.

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    I ordered parts from cycleparts wearehouse valves, guides, and all gaskets o rings and whatnot 240 bucks. Took head to napa machine shop machined checked for cracks and rebuilt with new valves and guides= 100 bucks. Worth every penny.They did it right as you have to have the new valves ground anyway .

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