2007 california model carb problems
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Thread: 2007 california model carb problems

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    2007 california model carb problems

    Picked up 2 TW's, a 2000 and a 2007 for the price of one. Selling the 2007 as the 2000 has a kickstarter. The 2007 has starting issues. Usually it will start right away with no choke but doesn't always want to stay running continually until it's warm. Using the choke it won't start a all is either position. I find this odd. Never have seen this problem before. I went through the carb and all looks ok. The only problem there might be is the fuel screw tiny oring is maybe slightly deformed. Warmed, the bike runs great, better than the 2000. Is there any benefit to replacing the carb with a 49 state carb?
    Thanks, Dwight

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    I'd bet you have a bit of crap in the carb. I would start with a double dose of Seafoam and some fresh fuel, run it for a while to ensure the Seafoam gets into the carb then let it sit overnight. Repeat several times and see what happens. This worked wonders for mine when I bought it, very similar symptoms as yours.
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