Rear signal lights: turn signals only?
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    Scoured the owners manual, but can't find any info on the role of the rear turn signals beyond being mere turn signals. I noted that the front signals are also marker lights, on when the bike is on. The rear signals are dark unless I'm signaling. Is this normal?

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    Yes, thats normal. Most states don't want you to have any other color than red facing to the rear, and only a headlight and amber lights to the front.
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    I was looking at the same thing just the other day, thinking I need to light those suckers up. There must be some aftermarket LED Red running, yellow turn indicator lights out there. Red to the rear, amber to the front. Easy enough. I wish I could put a small Christmas tree back there; something about being seen.
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    The front lights on the TW are three-wire and the rear are two wire. The front ones have a dual filament bulb and the rear ones have a single filament. You can't put the rear ones on the front because you wouldn't have the running lights, as required by most state laws. You can put the rear ones on the back, and just have an extra wire for the running lamp, that's not used. If you break a rear one off, and need a replacement, keep your eyes open for both front or rear signal lights. A lot of times the front ones are more plentiful, since most people break the rear ones.

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