Shifting problems.
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    My 2010 TW now has 300 miles on it. When I brought it home brand new from the dealership the shifting was a bit notchy, especially the 3-4 and 4-5 shifts. I assumed it would get better as the bike broke in and got a few miles on it. But instead of getting better, it has been getting worse. It takes a lot of force to make the last two upshifts and the shifter goes half way and stops, then it takes a lot of force to get it to pop up the rest of the way to complete the shift. I've owned probably 30 motorcycles including other Yamaha's and have never had a bike that shifted so poorly.

    Perhaps the clutch is dragging but it is adjusted to disengage early in the clutch lever pull so I can't do anything more there. Should it get better when I change the oil for the first time? I assume it has a wet clutch so is there a better oil that would help this? The bike has been such a blast to ride and the shifting and seat are the only flies in the ointment. I have a custom, flatter seat being made and I don't care what it costs, I want the transmission to shift better. I'm sure others here have dealt with this, what do I need to do? Thanks in advance.

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    The chain adjustment and oil is big on my list. Learning how to shift and breaking is next. Go over the book on cable adjustment. Someone will bring up the spring but that is just a return .

    Most new bikes are put together by yonger shop people and make a few mistakes. It would be good to just go over it.


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    ive been runnig valvoline 1040 motocycle oil, 4 dollars a qt. at autozone, we can also check the clutch cable. there might be some stretching.

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    Definitely check the chain. If it's to tight it will make the shifting notch. Alot of people even run a little looser than the spec.

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    1) Make sure the cable ends and springs are properly positioned.

    2) Make sure the cables are properly routed.

    3) Make sure the chain is porperly lubricated and adjusted. I've never seen a bike as sensitive to chain adjustment as Tdub.

    4) Go ahead and change the oil and clean the screen and filter. Use a dino motorcycle specific oil that is JASO MA certified. You should have done this 270 miles ago.

    5) Take it back to the dealer for warranty repair.

    6) Once the performance improvement from break-in stabilizes, switch to an ester-based synthetic motorcycle specific oil that meets JASO MA certification such as those available from Mobil, Amsoil, or Royal Purple.

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