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    Hello all. I have an 88 tw which was recently stolen, and recovered. Damage includes a drilled out ignition, poor hotwire job, and a busted gas cap. Can anyone suggest the cheapest route to replacing the ignition and gas cap? I already had to pay $250 just to get the bike back and need to do this as cheap as possible.

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    I believe peruano sold me an oldschool chrome gas cap. It doesn't lock, but works well and looks nice. He might still have some.

    For an ignition, ebay is handy. This link shows the results I just found. Some decent prices in there, but doesn't look like any amazing buys.

    Good luck with it.

    EDIT: This is just a guess, but I'd imagine any bike's ignition could be wired up to work. Mounting it might be different though.

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    Thanks for the info. Anybody have any experience rigging up another ignition? Just curious which ones might be easy to mount. peruano, have any gas caps?

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    not trying to be rude, but kind of makes you wish you didnt lock your gas cap huh? i thought about that one day... agallon of gas is worth less than the cap for sure.

    also im sorry for your luck.

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    Disgruntled. The supply of old school gas caps is getting pretty slim. Since you want the old model (larger than 2003 and up), I probably could come up with one, although there is a possibility that the interior gasket might be somewhat cracked (mine is cracked and causes no problems and you could fabricate the gasket if you found a material that was gas proof). Let me know if you want me to check. I know I have one of the smaller (2003 and up) caps, but it has had paint removed from it and is more the brushed chrome rather than true reflective chrome finish as a result. Lets say $15 postage paid for the old style (since its Friday). PM me with your address if you are interested. I have a parts bike with an ignition and the key, it looks pretty worn, but if you get desperate? I'm betting any old Yamaha would work, but finding one in the wrecking yard thats not filled with sand and having a key might be the trick.

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