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    I just finished installing a new chain and sprocket combination. I smashed the 2 wire set while putting it back together, I was able to repair the damage with liquid electric tape. I noticed the electric pick-up had 2 holes one of them had the pick up and the other was just a hole that looked like there should have been a second pick-up for the magneto ?? The bike starts and runs but is really cold blooded and wont hold an idle for about 5 miles. I am talking about the left cover with the electrics inside, is there supposed to be 2 pick-ups?

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    Not sure what you mean by "two pickups"...there are two openings in the case; one cable for the stator windings and another for the pulse coil. In other words, you should have TWO cables running from that case, up the frame and ending up somewhere under the seat.
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    TW in BC is correct. There are only two wires. I found the same problem on the TW I returned to service just recently. The stator wire and pick up coil wire had been pinched between the housings. I attempted to splice the wires but was unable to get into the resistence range on the pick up coil listed in the manual at the begining of this forum. I replaced it. I think it was $59 at dealer. A small price to prevent a break down in the back country or AWOL occurance at work. You may be able to salvage the gasket but for $5.00 you may also want to replace it again.

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