Speedometer out of calibration?
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    Hi guys, riding my '04 TW around I've found that every single street side radar sign that tells you your speed is saying that I'm going 3-4 mph less than what my speedo reads. So if I'm going 30 mph on my gauge, then I'll actually be doing 26 or 27. Maybe that is why I'm always being tailgated. Anyway, does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the speedometer to read correctly? I know on my scooter a redneck way of doing it was taking apart the speedo and moving the needle while holding onto the shaft with needle nose pliers. Is there a more elegant solution? Thanks!
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    Mine was like that too, it's a common issue with Japanese motorcycle speedometers. My speedo assembly was not in good shape so I replaced it with a Vapor system that can be calibrated. On my V-strom it was possible to buy a faceplate with adjusted speedometer markings.

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    Put a taller tire on the front or get a speedo that can be calibrated-I use a bike speedo calibrated to the measured size of the front tire. I think you will find there are few bikes that have correct oem speedo readings. My friends original V-Strom 650 is 6 mph fast @ 70mph. My 2005 TW was 4 mph fast @ 55, current 87 is 7 mph fast but I have the rear tire on the front so it is a smaller tire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beewerks View Post
    Hi guys, riding my '04 TW around I've found that every single street side radar sign that tells you your speed is saying that I'm going 3-4 mph less than what my speedo reads.

    Yup, that tallies exactly with my experience with my '10. It's actually a percentage, about 8%, so at 62 you're really only going 57, at least according to the GPS. I haven't found a radar trailer to test with yet, but in my truck the same GPS tallies within .5 mph of a measured mile time, so I believe it.

    I just keep the error in mind: need 40 to get 36, need 65 to get 60, etc. If you aren't paying attention for cops, just ride a litle over the limit and you'll never get tagged!
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    I don't know about the USA but in Europe a vehicle speedo must be accurate to 10% over reading and 0% under reading. This is so you can not use your inaccurate speedo as an excuse of speeding.

    Take into account tyre wear which changes the rolling circumference of the wheel affecting the ratio of the speedo gearing and it seems Yamaha have got this perfectectly in spec.

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    I would definitely agree with every one's thoughts thus far. I would say there is a speed suffer built in, and that non stock tires or tire wear can account for some loss as well. I would also second the Vapor setup. I have one on my DRZ and it is wonderful. You can add in a heat sensor as well to get an actual engine temp. I'm not sure if they would approve but you could alternatively tap a hole and put the liquid sensor in it to get an oil temp.

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