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    2002 with 6400 mi. After tuning the bike up , i.e., air filter, oil, plug, valve adjustment, the bike doesn't cold-start easily. I've developed a routine to get it to fire within 5 or so tries. full choke, turn it over for a couple secs, then 1/2 choke, turn it over, then no choke, turn it over... by the time I've gotten to step 3 or 4 she pops weakly, and finally starts, usually on 1/2 choke & then I feather the thottle to get the revs up.

    I've also played with adjusting the idle speed screw, and I took the bike to a local mechanic to get his opinion on the valve clearances - thumbs up. Bike starts pretty reliably when hot or warm. What else can I adjust or check? Any advice is greatly appreciated! The bike started easier when I bought it, & it had 1/2 lb. of bird seed in the airbox, original plug, likely never serviced, etc. Should have left well enough alone


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    What's your mixture screw set at? The stock specs are very lean for emissions controls.

    Mine (96 with the different carb mind you) started much better at 4 turns out than the factory setting of 2.5.

    Your bird seed in the airbox might have done the same thing by restricting the intake and making the mixture richer.

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    I will check the mixture screw tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion!

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