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    I will be reassembling my engine top end when I get the cylinder back from a re-bore early next week. I have two questions so far that I haven't been able to find answers for.

    First, does the spark fire on every stroke? If it only fires on the compression stroke then I do not understand the assembly instructions.

    Second. I cannot find instructions on installing the automatic cam chain tensioner. The way my automatic cam chain tensioner works [removed from the cylinder] is that it the plunger can be drawn back by turning the screw clockwise. It will then spring out when the screw is released and extend as far as it is allowed to go but can not be pushed back in, it can only be drawn back by the screw. It seems that the plunger must be held in by the screw when installing the unit and then the screw must be released so as to extend against the chain guide to apply pressure. Is this correct?

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    I'd like to know the answer to the first one myself.

    This should help with your second question. I think your correct in your assumption from what I read.

    You can find the service manuals for the bike here.

    The picture comes from the 01 supplement.
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    You are right about the cam chain tensioner, but I don't see your problem with the spark, if you have removed the flywheel then it will only go back on in one position that would be the correct position and the ignition timing is not adjustable, it's controlled by the CDI.

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