lost my keys.
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Thread: lost my keys.

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    is there a code anywhere on this bike to make a new set off of? i really need your help guys!

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    If I were in a hurry I'd seriously consider removing the ignition switch and taking it to a locksmith who can then make a matching key. Key blanks from Yamaha were upwards of 20 bucks apiece last time I checked. They aren't usually in stock at most dealers, and you'll generally have to order the blank then have it cut elsewhere anyway.

    There was some discussion on the old site concerning alternative blanks.

    Even if there is a code, ordering one could take awhile.

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    Walmart has matching blanks, however; they are longer than the stock key by about an inch.

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    Any good locksmith can "read" your lock and cut a new key. Usually runs $20-25. Most big lock and safe companies stock blanks that fit. Any rinkydink locksmith can order blanks, but there isn't much demand for them so lots of little locksmiths don't carry them.

    This lost key thing comes around again and again. Get 3 or 4 extras made, verify they work, and have someones you trust hold them for you. I keep one key on the motorcycle ring, along with the garage door key and the key to the locks on my security cable and top box (keyed-alike Master Locks), one in my wallet in case I loss keys on a trip or at work, one on a master ring of keys for everything locked in the safe in my shop, and a spare ring of motorcycle, van, and trailer keys in my van so I have extras of everything I need on a trip. The hitch pin, coupler lock, and toolbox locks on the trailer are all keyed to match the motorcycles' box and cable locks.

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    My local locksmith made me a copy -- no problem. I keep it hidden on the bike. Ever since I did that I have never needed it. Cheap insurance.
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    Its a good idea to have a line with a kind of quick clip to attach the keys as I once crashed in the outback and the branches removed my only key, I found it eventually miracle really but that's why I secure her its how I ride!
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    When you get your spares take one and place it somewhere obscure on the bike and cover it in rubber calking like what you would use on a bath tub. always there when you need it and when someone looks over your bike it just looks like one of those random things that all bikes have so they won't steal it. If your really paranoid (look in the mirror if you are wearing a tinfoil hat that's you) have some wires coming out of it and no one will dig for it.
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