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    i have a '06 TW and i want to make a couple of mods, but first i want to make sure it hasn't been done already. what i am looking at doing is putting on a louder muffler. i mainly want to do this so that way when i am on the road, i can be heard. secondly, i want a better sound than the stock exhaust. does anyone know of a good muffler that makes a good 'throughty' sound without breaking the bank?

    the mod i HAVE to do is re-jet it, if i do the muffler. the guy i got it from said that the previous owner, original owner, may have already done it. i assume that the jets are labeled by size. i just dont know what size stock is. if anyone could inform me, that would be great.

    also, how do i know if my air/fuel ratio is good? do i have to drive it and inspect the plug?

    is anyone located in the San Antonio, TX area? i dont know where to ride seeing that i am new to the area. Im also looking for a riding buddy(s). i dont do solo rides....

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you,


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    I must be having hallucinations. Isn't there a sticky on carb tuning that answers all these carb questions?

    Just take a long drill and stick it up the tailpipe nipple and drill a few holes. The stock muffler thus relieved will sound as good as any aftermarket pipe and make about as much power. You know if those cagers hear you, they'll aim for you, right?

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    my recent experience- DG slip on muffler (window rattling LOUD) -$150.00,Quiet core insert for muffler(not so LOUD)- $30.00, #130 main jet -$8.00, #34 pilot jet -$11.00, one washer under needle jet -<$1.00, removed snorkle from air box- 10 min and 1 abraded knuckle,= louder throaty sounding bike with more power and snappier throttle response.(my opinion) I live at 2500ft above sea level. spark plut should be a tan color. search other entries in this forum on carb tuning and spark plugs prior to installation, so you understand what you are doing better, as there are some Very smart and educated individuals here that are generous with their knowledge and experiences.

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