Chain and sprocket question
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    So my current chain is a little stretched out and has some serious rust on the outside surface of the links (insides look fine). It's an 99 with only 3000 miles on it (bought at (2500). I don't think the previous owner used/maintained it enough.

    So I want to get an o-ring chain. I'm pretty happy with the stock gears. My question is do I need to get new sprockets if I'm getting the new chain? Or since there's only 3k on the old ones will it be fine?Or on the other hand would I rapidly destroy my brand new chain?

    On a side note. Should I get a master link type thing (I have one for my mtn bike). If so could anyone recommend something that works for them?

    Thanks in advance

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    It's not necessarily the number of miles, but how well it was taken care of and the abuse it was subjected to. Your eyes are the best way to tell if they need replacement. Are some of the teeth worn and others are not? Are the valleys between the teeth elongated? If you're going to get an o-ring, spend the extra $35 to replace both sprockets. And your new chain will come with a new master link.

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    Lytle racing is also a good place. I believe I paid $123 for a did-oring and new sprocket. I would probably replace the sprockets but I don't know what yours look like. I bought my 98 with 4900 miles and the sprockets had some wear.

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    Glad to see this post. I'm looking for a vendor from which to purchase a 47 tooth rear sprocket and an o-ring chain, happy to have a couple of leads!

    In reply to your question, worn sprockets also wear out the points on the teeth. If your sprockets have sharp points at the top of the teeth, they probably need replacing. I've also seen sprockets with bent teeth due to loose or worn chains that don't seat fully into the valleys of the sprockets.

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    IMO you should definitely get new sprockets with your new chain. Worn sprockets can exponentially accelerate new chain wear.
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    If your chain is worn, the sprockets are also. They always wear as a set and should be replaced as a set unless changed often such as a race bike on different tracks. If only two parts of the set are replaced, they will accelerate wear on the remaining original piece and will themselves wear quickly.

    DID and RK seem to be the most common o-ring chain choices. Just google "428 o-ring chain" and start comparing prices and shipping policies. Most any significant on-line retailer of motorcycle parts can supply sprockets and chain.

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