my bike wont start
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    I haven't start my bike in about 1 year and I got it out today to start it and it wouldn't kick over. I put new gas new oil and a new spark plug and it still wont kick over. I also try jumping it with a car and that didn't work. I tried spraying ether and WD40 into the spark plug hole. Its about 90 degrees here and very humid so I dont know if that has something to do with it.

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    Don't use ether.

    Do you have spark? Is it gapped correctly? Is your air filter clean? Is there a mouse nest in the intake? Is your spark plug wet? My guess is you have spark (you'll have to confirm this) and with the bike sitting for a year the old gas in the carb gunked it up (new gas won't "un-gunk" it). Take off the carb and clean it...take out all the jets and make sure you can see through them and that there's nothing crusted on or inside of them.

    Clean the air intake.

    Clean the carb.

    Report back when that is done.
    Sold bike.

    Youtube vids of old TW's acceleration:

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    If you let it sit with E10 in the tank it is possible that you've destroyed the rubber and plastic in the fuel system. I agree with pgilles that if you have spark and air, next thing is carb work.

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