Steering Alignment
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    I have noticed on my 1998 TW200 my alignment is slightly off. My handlebars are not bent. Could the forks be bent and is there a way to fix this problem.


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    Something's tweeked. Straddle the front wheel, facing the bike, hold the wheel firmly between your knees, and tweek the handlebars back where they need to be.

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    If qwerty's idea has no effect first check to make sure both chain slack adjusters are on the same numbers. If not this alone will give you a goofy sight line. Then loosen the lower pinch bolts and try the same thing Qwerty suggested. If THAT doesn't work, loosen the steering stem nut just slightly, and repeat.

    If your front end is twisted in the clamps you should have "stiction". In other words if you hold the front brake and compress your forks they won't glide as smoothly as they should because your fork legs aren't parralel. Tweek your front end a little at a time until they do. Tighten everything back up and eyeball it again.

    If you have stiction and this makes it go away and everything lines back up, yer good. If it doesn't, there's a good chance one or both of your fork tubes are bent.

    If you don't have stiction and these ideas don't change anything, your frame may be tweeked.

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