Electrical Trouble 1987
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    I bought a 87 tw, went through the carb, got it running, everything worked including turn signals, brake lights, etc. Then all of the sudden it died and is totally dead. The battery is good. I can turn the key on, no neutral light, horn, nothing, I traced back the power wire, red/white which comes from battery through a fuse to main key switch, the power is getting there up to the switch. However, when you turn the key on, the power turns off. The switch it appears takes the 12v from the red/white wire and sends to the brown wire which then powers up the lights, horn etc. As soon as I turn the key, the 12v goes away but it does not blow the fuse near the battery??? I have checked all the grounds. I can jump the starter and it will spin but not start. Not sure how the black/white wire going from the main key switch to cdi works, I think it grounds it. I cant get it to do anything. It looks as if the wire coming out of stator is burned?, it has a yellow, a white, and a black wire coming out of it where it connects..... Any help appreciated.
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    Have you downloaded the service manual? It has a wiring diagram.

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    Check out post #3
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