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Thread: Steering lock problem

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    Anyone have any good advice for this problem?......I have a recently purchased '87 T-Dub and after finding out about the steering lock feature on this forum (the word "lock" was totally faded and scratched out on my ignition switch) I pushed the key in and out in the off position, and then tried to turn it counterclockwise toward the "lock" position.....but it wouldn't turn. Then I put a small amount of PB blaster lubricant on the key and was successful turning it to the "lock" position which of course locked the steering and I was happy .......except that I could not turn the key back to the off or on position even after 30 minutes of jiggling. My brother finally got the key to turn, but I'm too nervous to try to lock the steering again. Do you have to push the key in while turning or do you just turn the key clockwise? Any thoughts about how to fix this? (I would like to be able to lock the steering as a theft deterrent). I havent tried graphite yet, but if the graphite dosent work is it worth getting the keyed ignition fixed, or should I just leave it alone and not use the lock feature? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    You have to turn the bars fully against the steering stops to disengage the lock.

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Rex, Its not entirely clear from your post that you are working with the steering lock. Are you inserting the key in the lock on the front fork assembly totally independent of the ignition lock near the handlebars --- the steering lock has nothing to do with the ignition switch on the dashboard except being operable using the same key?? The steering lock is nothing fancy just a key activated lever that keeps the front wheel from being turned back to neutral position from its position full against the stops when locked. I seldom lock my steering, but thats because my bike is normally parked in my garage or in the boondocks. If it was in town, it would be locked regularly. Maybe your lock just needs to be used to loosen it up. I presume you have found the helmet lock as well. Tom
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    '87 had a different steering lock system then other years. It is operable by pushing ignition key down, then turning it counterclockwise, front wheel fully left, or right.
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    All years are the same I believe.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miro View Post
    '87 had a different steering lock system then other years. It is operable by pushing ignition key down, then turning it counterclockwise, front wheel fully left, or right.
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    Hopefully the OP has figured this issue out by now.. IF not then their might really cheap TW setting in a barn somewhere with a mangled key switch......
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    Quote Originally Posted by littletommy View Post
    All years are the same I believe.
    All the same,
    Use graphite NOT a liquid lube,
    Clean with a touch of brake cleaner,
    Wait a day and use 1 puff of graphite,
    Its what I do anyway,
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    How did this thread get resurrected? You all know it's 6 years old, right?
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    He's still working on that lock.

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    Keeps wearing out the left side of his tires too.
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