O-rings that go bad often.
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    After going through the hassle of o-rings getting hard and leaking and changing this or that on a regular basis, I developed an o-ring replacement schedule that replaces them before they start leaking. to save money I took OEM parts to an industrial seal supply and had them matched up. I've been using the industrial parts for 40,000 miles and saving a to of money, and not having leaking o-rings.

    I'm putting together an order for Viton o-rings for Tdub's next 48,000 miles as I'll be out of stock after the next service. I've found industrial Viton o-rings at least as durable as the Yamaha parts and significantly cheaper. Here's the "kits" I'm going to bag up for myself and the intervals T-dub needs them replaced to avoid leaks.

    My maintenance intervals are:

    2000 miles--change oil

    4000 miles--change oil and filter, check valves


    My o-ring replacement intervals are:

    2000 miles--oil change kit

    4000 miles--oil change kit, oil filter change kit

    6000 miles--oil change kit

    8000 miles--oil change kit, oil filter change kit, valve adjustment kit


    Contents of kits:

    1) Oil change kit:

    Oil fill cap, oil drain plug. Every oil change.

    2) Oil filter change kit (every other oil change):

    Oil filter cover, shoulder bolt.

    3) Valve adjustment kit (every other oil filter):

    Rocker cover (2), large plug on side cover (1), small plug on side cover (1). Every other valve adjustment.

    I've not had to replace any other o-rings, so I'm not messing with them.

    I'll be putting each "kit" in a ziploc bag with an index card saying what it is. If anyone is interested, 50,000 miles worth of o-rings for the stated schedule will fit in a USPS Priority Mail Domestic Small Flat Rate Box that ships anywhere in the U. S. of A, FPO, and APO, for about $6. I think a USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box ships most everywhere else for about $15.

    I'll call Monday and get prices if anyone is interested.

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    Sounds like an excellent maint sched. I'd definitely be interested in getting a lifetimes worth of o-rings. I'm just getting ready to do an oil change here at 1800 miles. When I ordered a few filters I totally forgot to grab o-rings. Hate to go over to the Yamaha dealer and pay a few bucks for each of them.

    Let me know what you come up with for costs.


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    O I will buy- do you combine shipping

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    I would like a set as well. Mark

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    A small Priority Mail Box or Envelope will hold several sets. First time I did this I stuffed all the sets in a 1 gallon ziploc.

    Kit contents (prices from online Yamaha source):

    Oil change kit--24

    1.96 93210-19123-00 oil fill

    1.33 93210-347A1 drain plug


    Oil filter change kit--12

    4.08 93210-54175-00 oil filter

    1.32 93210-07135-00 shoulder bolt (allen head)


    Valve adjust kit--6

    5.09 93210-57634-00 rocker cover (2)

    2.49 93210-32172-00 large side cover plug (rotor bolt)

    1.65 93210-14369-00 small side cover plug (timing marks)



    3.51 93210-25711-00 starter drive

    Monday we'll see how the prices shake out.

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    Thank you AGAIN for your diligent work. I have a couple of differant o-ring kits in the shop, but it would be great to have a kit made up and handy.

    In that light, I would like to purchase two kits. One for both D's and my bike.

    Thanks again!

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    Add me as interested.
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    I've e-mailed my source with all the info for a price quote.

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    I'll take a set please Querty

    About to attempt my first Bike maintanance and repair ever. was in the process of sourcing some.

    I take it youve got pay pal?

    Cheers, nice one

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    Put me down as interested too.


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