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    My '87 TW with close to 15K miles on it started leaking at the cylinder base gasket on the back / left side of the cylinder. Maybe leak is to generous, more of an ooze or seepage is more accurate.

    Long story short I am attempting a "quick easy fix" versus a "correct fix" by spraying on some Permatex no need to disassemble sealer on it.

    After about a 75 mile ride today I am happy to report there was no leakage but of course I have no idea how long this will last. The sealer itself has a shiny appearance very similar to what the leaking oil looked like but when I touched it it was definitely not oil.

    If additional sealer is needed in the future it takes seconds to apply and as long as the leak doesn't get any worse this will be the fix of choice!

    I just mention it here to see if 1) any one else has tried this sealer and what results they got and 2) perhaps someone else might like to give it a try and report back. I also posted this idea on New Bike Blues but there was no response.

    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Never used the permatex stuff but used to do a similar "repair/bodge" on my zephyr 550 base gasket with JB weld.

    Would last for about 1000 miles then I had oil spraying on my booties again. Good prep was a difference maker.

    Thin cheap wallyworld style 5-in-1 painters tool wrapped in a soapy rag to clean into the crack helped it stick a bit better.

    Your leak will be back...soon. Order a gasket and be thankful it's only a thumper.

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