1999 lighting question
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    I recently purchased a used tw200, this is my first on road/off road bike.. and I am pretty new to bikes in general.

    When I got the bike the gauges worked but the plastic was broken up so I decided to put a new gauge on it. I looked at some posts and decided to go with a drag specialist mini speedo with the neutral light, high beam light, and turn signals.

    I installed it based on the instructions and did a solder splice on them..turned out really good but have a question about the lights now.

    When the bike is on either high beam or low bean the front turn signals are on.. this might be how it is stock and just never noticed.

    When I use the turn signal the still flash in both the front and back.

    Should the fronts be on all the time? if so should the rear turn signals be on as well?

    Just curious if I did it right cause in the instructions there was something talking about a diode and maybe having to install it..

    Hopefully some one can inform me if I did it right or not.


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    The front running lights are always on. All good.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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