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    My Grandson likes to turn knobs and things - and sure enough he grabbed and tugged on the odometer knob on my speedometer -

    I have fiddled with it but had no luck on getting it threaded back onto the stem

    Anyone know of a shop where speedometers can be repaired?

    It is not critical but I dislike having a broken part on my TW

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    It's LEFT HAND thread. Sure that's not your issue?

    JB weld it - might be a little messy for such a small application

    Epoxy it - maybe too messy as well

    Hot glue - drill out the ID a little bit, glue it, then slam it on

    Heat up the stripped ID a little, push it on and let it cure back on the stem?

    Junk yard/eBay/Craigslist parts bike/etc. for a replacement

    If the knob is actually broke and not stripped, you could try a knob from a lamp. Wrong thread (possibly find left hand thread lamp knobs??) but could be used with the above options.
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    That knob has left hand threads. It is also hollow.

    Sighting down the knob, line-up the end with the threaded post inside the odometer housing. Then start twisting anti-clockwise. Takes a while, but it will grab eventually.
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    ah ha - left hand thread - never considered that - should do the trick! Thanks

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    The curb-side mirror is also left-hand thread. Saves the mirror mount when the mirror strikes the ground or a branch while riding. Yamaha does some weird stuff from time to time, but if you think about the Yamamadness, there is always a method to it.

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    This site is awesome for so many reasons. I too had mine come off. All it took was typing in Speedometer in the search box and you all answered my questions. Thanks.
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