Hard starting? 2 tips for TW noobs
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    Had my TW for, wow is it already 3 years?

    Riding bikes since before I was old enough to get a license; 40 years.

    Owned and ridden dozens of bikes, and never ran into this phenomenon.

    Noticed 2 unique things about starting my recalcitrant TW.

    Sometimes it fires right up, and sometimes its several minutes of cranking and fussing.

    (The choke never makes any difference whatsoever, hot or cold)



    When I do both of these, it fires instantly, hot or cold.

    Forget one or the other and takes your chances.

    Noticed other posts about eliminating the kickstand dummy switch, and may get around to that, but I do let others ride this bike.

    The fact that clutch drag prevents starting is totally new to me - perhaps its the anemic little battery.

    Never had trouble starting any other bikes in gear with the clutch all the way in.

    Anyway, hope this helps some of the new folks.
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    Tdub won't cold start in gear, either. Not a problem once warmed up.

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    +1 for having the kickstand up! not so much because of the safety switch but the tw likes to be upright to start and it's never very happy starting in 1st but you can coax it (with a little throttle) to start in gear when it's warm like qwerty says. Also just tapping the start button and letting engine crank once or twice seems to work best as opposed to treating it like a starter on a car. Oh and keep those valves adjusted to spec!

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    +1 on being in neutral (clutch lever in is not enough to totally reduce clutch plate drag). I always assumed it was in part because I'm using a seal battery that may be slightly less powerful than the stock lead acid version. Its a bummer not being a consistent starter in gear because when you kill it at a stop light you don't want to take time to fish for neutral. But then again as pointed out if the oil is warm it will be more likely to start with bike in gear and clutch lever used. So don't kill it on your first few minutes of the ride. Kickstand down makes no diff as long as I'm in neutral. Tom
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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    Tdub won't cold start in gear, either. Not a problem once warmed up.

    My experience too. Can't say the kickstand makes any difference as long as I'm in N.

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